My Lucid Shoot

Loved my first photoshoot in Dallas with majorly talented Photographer, Johnathan Nguygen. Most of these are not yet anywhere else on the internet & this is the only place you’ll see them! Enjoy. xx.

Facetune 2Facetune 3IMG_0828Facetune 4IMG_0798IMG_0869-Edit-Edit 2IMG_0887-EditIMG_0889-Edit

Check out amazing art, presets & merch! He works with a great team Check them out!  I love his style & it relates to my own so I was super excited to work with him.

He was also featured in The Dallas Observer. 

PS Here’s His rad Instagram account.

Makeup/Styling by Me.

Bodysuit by American Apparel.

Silky Bomber from Forever 21.

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