My Favorite White Booties

Faux Leather White Ankle Booties. A lot of my followers have been asking me for months about these booties and how to style them! We saw the trend start to pop up early Fall last year & it’s here to stay. Many top designers came out with their own versions for top dollar, but I managed to get these bad boys for under $30! They go with everything, oddly enough.

Comfortable with a rich pointed toe, an ankle height that flatters my legs and oh wait! Did I mention how comfortable they are?! I get complimented on these constantly and plan on wearing them year round.

Below are some OOTN photos featuring the booties. The captions label them in different style categories to show how versatile they are.  -xx


Casual Cute- Glossier Dinner OOTN- Zara Colorful Sequin Tee. Express Skinny Jeans.
Cocktail Wear- Girlfriend’s Engagement Party OOTN – H&M Blazer Dress.
Relaxed Casual- Night out on the Town. Forever 21 cropped Sweater. Express Distressed Denim.
OOTN cont.
Low Key- Girl’s Night Out. Thrifted off the shoulder top. Forever 21 Cabby Hat. Fashion Nova High-waisted Dark Denim.


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