NYC Trip

Loved this girl’s trip I took back in November! Sharing the places we visited, what I ate, & the places I think were most worth seeing.

Pure Ktchn

Right after the traveling from Dallas to Houston to NYC, I was dying to get out of the stuffy JFK, starving for something fresh and of course, vegan. This place was perfect for that. Quick & fresh lunch, decently priced. I had the “Vegan Sushi Bowl” which included a rice blend, avocado, mango, cucumbers, carrots, nori strips, ginger, sesame seed, coconut amino sauce. Great place to enjoy healthy food! I will say it’s in a place that can be easily missed due to it being in a basement with the tiniest sign out front…so keep a look out!


Russian Vodka Room 

Our Russian Rendezvous. This was by far my favorite part of my NYC trip as well as the most unexpected. My girlfriend found this place on Yelp with awesome reviews so we gave it a go! I’m so glad we did. First off, this may have been one of the sketchiest looking places from the outside. I laugh out loud even still thinking about the looks we gave each other before entering. As our Uber dropped us off the first thing I see is a dark entrance with red Christmas like lights lining the entryway, looking like something out of Beetlejuice haha! Walking in we were automatically greeted by a friendly Russian hostess (Yes everyone in there including the staff was authentically Russian) Then lead to our table in the back passing a singing pianist that was quite incredible. It had felt like we walked into a different country…better yet a different time period. The bar was small, hole in the wall like with giant clear barrels with what appeared to be different fruits being soaked in Vodka. Right off the bat, the experience was five stars. The Menu was as authentic as the company itself being mostly in Russian (Which if you’ve seen their letters…its almost impossible to decode.) So ask your server to explain what you’re curious about trying! Being Vegan I got my fill on mushrooms & potatoes for the night. On to the food- I enjoyed my first Borsht, which is a traditional Eastern European soup. It’s very bright in Pink/Purple coloring due to the beets! This soup also had lots of shredded cabbage as well with an earthy, brothy flavor. It was different but I enjoyed it! Next, I ordered the assorted “Pirozhki” which included three pastries one filled with cabbage, one with potato & another with beef (which I subbed out for cabbage). Can you really go wrong with flakey bread filled with anything? Of course not. Lastly, I tried the homefries & mushroom dish. The food was different but flavorful. Regulars were dancing in the bar area and the sense of community was awesome. On to what really matters…Vodka. The vodka list it self-includes over 40 different types. What was the most impressive was the infusions which included, Peach & Apricot, Apple & Pomegranate, Garlic Pepper & Dill, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Strawberry, Horseradish, Ginger & Pineapple, and a lot of other unique flavors! These infusions come in 2 oz, 7 oz or 26 oz. My personal favorite was Pineapple & all infusions are encouraged to be sipped on. This place put my Titos & waters to absolute shame. I will be coming back!


Magic Hour Rooftop

This place was great for a more laid back nightlife experience! We chose to do their bottle service/”VIP” tables & I’m glad we did. The entrance had an Alice In Wonderland meets sexy carnival feel to their theme but still a rich-relaxed vibe. Magic Hour is located in Times Square but was surprisingly not crowded. They allowed us to get both dinner & bottles to hit our reasonable minimum. Though this was back in November so I still think it would be much better of an experience on a summer night. We enjoyed light appetizers (mushroom/avocado roll, Pepper app, etc.) which suited the couch lounge like set up. I recommend this place for a small girl group or a few couples & definitely trying it in the summer! Make sure you email them to set up your reservation. Magic Hour was cheeky, chic & low key.


Top of the Standard

One of the most glamorous, breathtaking & worth the pricey drinks all for the damn view. The ambiance is 1920s cruise ship. The staff is in white suits with gorgeous detailed buttons & white silky gowns to the floor. Dress code is very important to make sure you are up to par in order to be let in! The standard is located in the Meatpacking District in a very chic area. The bathrooms alone were worth the $30 Vodka Sodas, trust me. I think I went pee 4 times that night just for the view.

Anyways, The circle set up bar is gorgeous. The DJ was playing the best music- not popular mixes but more unique retro styles that were perfect for the vibe. We only got drinks here but the dinner parties looked amused as well as exquisite. I was impressed, to say the least. The view… Oh God, the view. The entire 18th-floor lounge is surrounded by big open glass windows showcasing Manhattan’s perfect skyline & the Hudson River. I saw this view at night & I couldn’t even imagine it in the daylight. Next time you visit New York put this place on your bucket list. Pictures just won’t do it justice.

Many people urged me to check out The Boom Boom Room which is also located close by in the Standard & is supposedly a popular nightclub. When we did check it out…I was unimpressed. I think I had my Standard fix for the night.

Hell’s Kitchen Air Bnb

Ah! I wish I had a link to our gorgeous pad! It was the perfect location, large open loft space with floor to ceiling windows viewing an almost 360 like view to Hell’s Kitchen.

306 West 48th Street, New York, NY. 10036, US.

I recommend biting the bullet with the pricing when you have group of 5 or more! Waking up to this few each morning was so worth it & we loved being comfortable in our space!

I hope you guys enjoyed the insight on my travel! I love going to different places & want to start documenting more of trips. I’d love to hear what your fav spots are in the big apple!



My NYC Looks

Magic Hour Outfit-  Top is “No one cares” The Brand & Skirt found at Nordstrom Rack. I was super inspired to purchase a “nightshirt” from Kourtney Kardashian. I love her style! These black booties were my go-to the whole trip. They were under $30 at Forever 21. I should have bought 2 more pairs! They are incredibly versatile not to mention comfortable. Forever is always a great option for finding animal-free clothing. Black Booties! Don’t be afraid to mix fun cuts, colors with textures to create a fully dimensional and flattering outfit.


Russian Vodka Room/ Top of Standard OOTN– This TopShop dress was my favorite of the trip! I paired it with the black booties & black faux fur coat both from Forever 21. I scored the dress for $21 originally $190 from the Rack! The light-goldish metallic detailing on the light almost periwinkle fabric was so eye-catching and unique. I loved the handkerchief style cut at the bottom. The high neckline gave my 90s/early 2000s ice skater & I fvcking loved it. I may even sell this on my Depop If I ever decide to part with it, keep an eye out.


Strolling in the City- This outfit was so easy, cute & comfy! So important when walking everywhere in one of the busiest cities in the world. Complete outfit from Forever 21. Ditch the boring sweaters! Bell sleeve detail makes all the difference and created a flirty look. I paired mine with a black skater/circle skirt (also another go-to staple piece to instantly create an outfit). The blooming arms and flit to flare skirt give you an hourglass illusion to your figure- this is great for my straight down gals to give them some curves as well as my curvier readers. I’m also in love (like everyone else is right now) with Cabby hats! Omg, this was my favorite thing that came back in 2017. Ill insert an embarrassing picture of me rocking one of these at 8 years old. #CABBY4LYFE


Crying real tears, everyone. HAH! I really thought I was the “It Girl”.

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