About Me

Hi, Friends! Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit GlossyWalk!

I’m so happy to be launching this blog as a platform to share all my passions of art, travel, fashion, beauty, food & all in an animal conscious way! I’ve been a makeup artist for many years now. I’m originally from St.Louis, Missouri & now based in Dallas, Texas. Throughout my artistry career, I’ve been motivated by many people to create a blog that shares my beauty and fashion tips. Finally, I’ve made it!

In the last year, I made a decision to switch to a Vegan lifestyle. My entire life I’ve had a major connection and great love towards animals and this made the most sense for me to make the change. Since then my spirit, as well as my health, drastically changed and so did my love to create 100% plant-based meals anyone could enjoy.  I’m learning every day and in every way in this newer lifestyle. Looking forward to seeing GlossyWalk grow!

Follow along every week for new posts on various topics!


Enjoy. xx



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