Vegan Recipes

What better way to start my Vegan brunch series?! This French toast is eggless & dairy- free! (Use your favorite vegan gluten-free bread if wanted) Turn on your favorite rainy day jams, grab your coffee & let’s get cooking! I promise you won’t miss the eggs.

What You’ll Need:

-1 c Organic Coconut Milk (I used reduced fat)

-1 1/2 tbsp. Organic Ground Flaxseed

-1 tsp. Organic Vanilla extract

-1 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

– Vegan butter

– Organic powdered sugar

– dairy/egg free bread (day old)

– Maple syrup

1. I threw my bread in the toaster in for just a bit since mine was brand new (until golden) Plus I want mine to be a bit crisp.

2. Create your mixture- combine coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla & flax seed. (pulse until thoroughly mixed) Pour into a shallow bowl to make easy for dipping your toast.

3. Flip toast in mixture covering each side & throw in a lightly greased pan on med heat. Flip until desired color & texture.

4. Toast should be crispy in certain areas but still fluffy & full of your mixture (softer in the middle)

5. Serve toast with a slice of vegan butter slice, maple syrup & top with powdered sugar.

Pair this sweet dish with something savory like crispy tempeh bacun, veggie sausage or a tofu scramble! Dress it up with toppings like coconut whipped cream, fresh strawberries or crunchy pecans.

Stay creative, Friends!